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Instant Curb Appeal

Sep 11, 2013 12:32PM ● By Cate Reynolds

If spring is for sprucing up, fall is for finishing touches. Curb appeal is a term we can all become familiar with as the season changes and we muster our last elbow grease to conquer home and garden projects. It’s not just a term used when discussing real estate and attracting home buyers. We all want our properties to have curb appeal—to look their very best for the remaining months before winter’s grip takes hold. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint on the shutters, transforming overgrown flowerbeds into Versailles-like pockets of beauty, or a brand-new driveway, there are projects aplenty to tackle this season that breathe new life into your property. And if you’re short on elbow grease, there are many local service providers at the ready to get the job done…and done right. Here are but a few examples. 

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Footsteps to your door and a porch to match—these take center stage when going from and returning to home; guests take note, too. Having a polished pathway and dynamite doorway go hand-in-hand with entry aesthetics. 

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What do you and your guests pull into when returning home or visiting? Your driveway—the gateway to your property. On traditional surfaces—concrete, stone, or blacktop—the daily grind demands annual maintenance. But you have options. A driveway made of top-quality pavers can offer an upscale look with minimal upkeep.
Exterior painting has come a long way since Tom Sawyer hoodwinked his way out of whitewashing a picket fence. New paint technology and formulas have created longer-lasting, more durable finishes that can be applied to a variety of surface materials.

Kids got your green-thumb tied? Let’s face it—it can be tough to find time to take on major landscaping projects, or even control the front yard’s endless growing, with life’s many demands. But it can be done. Reclaiming your yard from overgrowth and weeds, while investing in new plant and a new plan (landscape design), will satisfy your soul (and your neighbors).