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Bobbie Burnett and the Caring Collection Chart A New Course

Nov 19, 2013 09:34AM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Marion A. Kay

About two years ago, some big changes were in the works at the Caring Collection, Inc., the non-profit group founded by Annapolis Artist Bobbie Burnett in 1983. The organization led by Bobbie and assisted by her husband Jerry and a staff of wonderful volunteers had been producing Stained Glass Angels and other related products for almost thirty years. Any profits made from the sale of products were donated to Anne Arundel and Johns Hopkins Medical Centers for the care and treatment of their Cancer patients. At this point in time, Caring Collection had enjoyed a very successful year and was not only able to donate a large sum of money to the two hospitals, but also to surpass their targeted goal of gifting over a million dollars to the two hospitals. After giving much thought to charting a new course, Bobbie decided, “I was ready for new challenges and very anxious to create larger three dimensional artworks which combined stained glass and stainless steel and any other suitable materials. It has been rewarding to discover how various textures, colors and materials can be blended together to make a unique representation of life.”

Since facing these new challenges, Bobbie has succeeded beyond expectation in creating astoundingly, beautiful stained glass works of art. Her first piece was a stained glass sculpture of a young girl dressed in blue and holding a butterfly in her outstretched arms. Eve, as she came to be known was quite a challenge as she was two feet tall and had to be constructed by welding the stained glass pieces to a stainless steel form. Luckily, Bobbie who had no welding experience was able to find a welder who could provide some assistance and teach her how to perform this new skill. As Eve neared completion, Bobbie was ready for the challenge of creating Eve’s Big Sister, who at four feet tall is twice Eve’s height . Eve’s Big Sister like Eve has outstretched arms to hold a butterfly but is dressed in white stained glass. While Eve’s Big Sister was close to completion Bobbie was ready for the next challenge which was the design and creation of a series of flower sculptures. The first in this series was a Bird of Paradise Flower which incorporates orange, white, and green stained glass and is supported by stainless steel rods set into a handsome base of white granite. Following quickly after the Bird of Paradise have been equally beautiful sculptures of a Calla Lily, Iris, and Water Lily. The newest series nearing completion are pink and blue butterfly sculptures set into pieces of stone.

When I asked Bobbie how she felt about her new artworks and the new direction taken by the Caring Collection, Inc. this was her reply. “Along this new journey I discovered that I could effectively incorporate the efforts of my Caring Collection Family and friends. Like me they have grown and discovered new talents. As a teacher I have encouraged them to work beside me allowing all of us an opportunity to grow and create new artworks. A portion of the sale of these new creations will continue to benefit Oncology patients at Johns Hopkins and Anne Arundel Medical Centers.”

To learn more about the Caring Collection, Inc. and view the original sculptures created by Bobbie Burnett and the Caring Collection go to their website which is If you are interested in purchasing any of these artworks you can email Bobbie. Also note that Angel pieces such as pins, magnets, and musical angels are still available for purchase, but quantities are limited. Also, if you would like to make a donation to the Caring Collection or volunteer your time, please contact them through their website.