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Green Tea and Water and Wine. Oh, My!

Dec 06, 2013 02:46PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Here’s some very good news: Anti-aging beverages are everywhere. And there is a wonderful wet world out there beyond H2O and the oft discussed teas and wines.

Most of us know wine is an antioxidant (a major anti-ager). To reap those benefits, why not get a little fancy and pour yourself an elegant brandy or cognac sourced from the same grapey goodness? Or go Mad Men old-school and order a gin martini. After all, it is made of berries. (And pass over the olive for the healthy choice of an onion.) Of course you could travel to the other end of the spectrum and sip a nice glass of beet juice. Once upon a time (think Jack LaLanne vintage, who did live to 96) this was one of the few heralded “health” drinks around. People are taking a second look at this beverage, which targets high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Other outside-the-box-but-still-in-the-frig choices are pink grapefruit juice (good for the skin) and celery juice, an amazing hydrator that replaces electrolytes and replenished minerals.

Bottom line: As long as it is fresh and not a sugary, carbonated soda, it might have its benefits.