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Athletes Worth Watching: Zach Domenech

Dec 31, 2013 02:05PM ● By Cate Reynolds
by Jake Russell


When he isn’t playing sports or devoting hours a night to homework, Zach Domenech keeping up with the latest sports news and, with a keen eye, on what his beloved Baltimore Orioles are up to.

Drawing inspiration from his grandfather, Julian, who joined the army after coming to America as a young man from Cuba, it’s only fitting Domenech doesn’t make excuses and simply produces on the field.

“He started from nothing and became a teacher,” Domenech says of his grandfather. “He’s a very respected man. He’s the upper school head at a private school down in Florida. I really look up to him because of how much he worked and how far he’s come from nothing. He has a good life now.”

As a sophomore, Domenech made a name for himself when he belted a three-run walk-off home run over St. John's Catholic Prep in the Admirals’ season opener. “It’s very unique because it was my first home run and the only one I’ve hit since then,” Domenech says. “It was also unique because it was such a big thing. My whole team was just going crazy. It was just a great moment.”

As a sophomore goalkeeper on the Admirals soccer team, Zach earned the Player Award, an honor bestowed upon him by his teammates for his dedication and sportsmanship. While he is still undecided on his college major, he is considering attending Washington College, St. Mary’s, Gettysburg, and Dickinson College. Domenech enjoys the prospect of the education he would receive from each school and he also likes their campuses. He hopes to pursue a career in sports.