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People Who Make a Difference (business edition)

Jan 29, 2014 10:40AM ● By Cate Reynolds
By JAMES HOUCK // Photography by TONY LEWIS, JR.

In the ever-changing landscape and fabric of our communities, there are sparks of genius that have lasting influence—dynamic individuals who’ve built success from the ground up and made it stick, for public good and for, hopefully, generations to come.

We present several such visionaries, each of whom demonstrates business acumen, leadership, and a passion to better our slice of heaven in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. These are the People Who Make a Difference and each has a story that needs telling. Chances are, you’ve already enjoyed or utilized their fruits of labor. Now meet the individuals who made it all happen.

Bill and Kyle Muehlhauser

Erwin Greenberg & Brian Gibbons

Karen Olscamp