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Private Wealth Partners, LLC

Jan 30, 2014 12:51PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Who is Private Wealth Partners, LLC?

Private Wealth Partners, LLC (PWP) is a boutique wealth management firm located in Annapolis. They provide the intimacy and individualized attention a client would expect from a small, independent firm but are backed with the research and operational capabilities of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, allowing them to cater to high net worth investors. They are committed to providing objective financial advice free from the conflicts of interest that many financial services firms face.

Doug Wilson, Managing Principal, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® explains, “Collectively we have more than 100 years of investment experience serving people just like you – your peers, colleagues, family and friends. The biggest advantage we provide to our clients is that the advice we give is free from any conflicts of interest. We do not operate under commission grids or quotas that many advisors from large firms have to operate under within their practices. That offers our clients a great sense of security knowing that we sit on the same side of the table with them.

Our experience in wealth management has taught us how to advise clients through various stock and bond market cycles, helping them understand the risks and rewards of investing.”

PWP is a local firm. Why is this so important?

Residing in the Annapolis area, the Partners and their families participate in community endeavors through local charities and organizations, including The Lighthouse Shelter, Maryland Therapeutic Riding, The Chesapeake Baysavers Inc., Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation & Auxiliary, Historic Annapolis Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, their local churches and youth athletic associations.

Mark Murphy, Managing Partner, Certified Financial Planner® believes, “the best part of being a truly ‘local’ firm is the pride you take in your reputation in the community.”

The six Partners have always kept the best interests of their clients and their community paramount. Their reputation for quality service and integrity has been earned by creating satisfied, knowledgeable clients.

Matt Sobocinski, Managing Partner, Certified Financial Planner® says, “all six of us are in the position now where we can spend our time focusing on managing our client’s portfolios and being attentive to their needs. Our clients consistently refer their friends, family and colleagues to Private Wealth Partners.”

Why is building an ongoing relationshipso important?

Recognizing that every client is an individual requiring a unique investment plan, they strive to offer an uncommon level of personal service including regular reviews and communications with each client regarding their financial progress. They don’t paint their clients’ portfolios with the same broad stroke. Rather, after identifying a client’s needs, time horizon and risk tolerance they provide all clients with a customized strategy. Strategies can often involve Critical Financial Events including retirement, starting a new job, a desire to save for college for a child or grandchild, marriage or divorce, receiving an inheritance, death of a spouse or simply figuring out a plan to deal with increasing medical costs or caring for an elderly parent.

Paul Peck, Managing Partner, Certified Financial Planner® answers, “Helping our clients reach their financial goals is our top priority. We start by taking the time to understand who our client is, what they care about, and then create a realistic financial strategy. By taking time to engage with our clients, we are better equipped to develop a plan unique to their life.”

What does fully investing in yoursuccess mean?

A truly realistic approach to investment planning doesn’t just allow for changes in your personal and financial circumstances; it takes them as a given. That’s why Private Wealth Partners, LLC will work with you to rebalance your current needs and future goals as life continues to change.

Sherry Saucerman, Partner, Certified Financial Planner® had this to add, “Achieving our clients’ unique vision of financial success requires a strategy tailored to each individual. We meet with our clients one on one and use a step-by step approach that helps them analyze their goals, understand their financial challenges, and then create a savings plan or income stream that is designed to help support their lifestyle – both now and for years to come.”

Eric Silk, Managing Partner, Certified Financial Planner® said this, “PWP is a local practice with homegrown Advisors. We deeply value our reputation and take pride in helping local families reach their financial goals. If you are working with another firm and simply want a second opinion, we can assist you. We will either validate that everything you are doing is in line with your goals or reveal issues that may need to be adjusted. Either way, the process is designed to put your needs and wants first.”

Let Private Wealth Partners, LLC beyour advisor: 800-988-4797.

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN),member SIPC. Private Wealth Partners, LLC is a separate entity from WFAFN.

1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 450
Annapolis, MD 21401
800-988-4797 | 410-224-4848

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