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David's Natural Market Leads Fight to Protect Organic Dairy Farm

Feb 07, 2014 11:31AM ● By August Schwartz
The following is the opinion of David's Natural Market:

The 857 acre parcel of land formally known as the Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills, MD. is in immediate danger of losing it’s USDA Organic Certification. This is the largest Certified Organic farm in the state of Maryland and is paid for largely by taxpayer money. Maryland Sunrise Farm, the current tenants of this land, have told our elected county officials that they will be no longer be farming the land using organic protocols. This change would strip the land of it's Organic Certification and allow them to begin using poisonous pesticides and herbicides in this densely populated area. The overspray of these chemicals will have a direct impact on the air, soil, wildlife, and waterways surrounding these 857 acres. Since the signing of this lease in 2005, Marian and Ed Fry, the owners of M.S.F. and residents of Kent Co. have publicly stated that they intended to farm this land using organic protocols.

Let our elected officials know that we do not want the owners of Maryland Sunrise Farm (non-county residents) stripping this land of it's Organic Certification. We also need to let them know that we have a right to be informed and voice our concerns about these decisions before it is too late.

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