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A Valentine to Our Nearest and Dearest

Feb 11, 2014 04:46PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Let’s all send special thanks and love to what is surely our most faithful companion. No one has been there for us like this—never letting us down, never disappointing us.

The hardest worker anyone has ever seen. How hard working? Let me illustrate: Two billion, three-hundred and eighty-four million, one hundred and twenty-one thousand, and six hundred. That is the approximate number of times my heart has beaten over the course of my lifetime so far, using 72 beats per minute as an average— give or take the beats missed 50 years ago this month when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Give your best beat buddy a little treat during American Heart Month. How about some nice fish oil? Or a long walk every day; a tai chi class; or just a relaxing hour on your own listening to Debussy or Chopin?

Bottom line: 2,384,121,600. What’s your number? Do your own calculations and prepare to be impressed. And grateful.

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