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Tate and Cami Russack: RussackLaw

Mar 20, 2014 02:29PM ● By Cate Reynolds
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Tate and Cami Russack, founders of RussackLaw, believe that everyone deserves a peaceful, secure and happy life. When Bills, Foreclosure, Garnishments or Creditors Calls are making your life difficult, “We Can Help You!” RussackLaw helps you gain a Financial Fresh Start!

You deserve a life without endless calls from bill collectors. RussackLaw focuses on helping Individuals, Families and their Businesses regain their financial footing and economic health. We help clients return to leading successful lives through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 Bankruptcies and negotiated financial restructurings.

Even in these difficult economic times, DEBT RELIEF and FINANCIAL RECOVERY are available. Without a bailout or a handout, you have the Legal Right to restructure your financial future. You CAN regain control of your finances, and with that, Rebuild your Credit, rebuild your financial foundation and regain control over your own Future.

A dedication to Client Focused Results makes RussackLaw one of the TOP TEN Bankruptcy law firms in Maryland. More people on the Eastern Shore choose RussackLaw to rebuild their financial futures than any other Law Firm.

Their offices in Annapolis and in Easton , serve Clients with experienced, professional and results-focused dedication. On the Eastern Shore, the Brooks Drive, Easton office is located just minutes from Route 50, off the 322 Bypass and Gleb Road. The Annapolis Office is just across the Spa Creek Bridge in Eastport. “You can meet with us in privacy and comfort,” explains Cami Russack.

RussackLaw will help you with every part of your restructuring or Bankruptcy. You will meet with an experienced lawyer who will listen to you and understand your situation and your goals…and only then begin discussing options to meet your objectives. The professional staff and attorneys will guide you and help you all along the way.

“We know there is no ‘one-size’ solution,” says Tate Russack. Understanding your options and the facts is fundamental to making the best decision. RussackLaw provides you with the guidance, legal documents, and legal representation to achieve your goals. With RussackLaw as your legal counsel, you can discuss alternatives whenever your situation changes and ask all the questions you need answered.

“RussackLaw attorneys and paralegals respect our clients and we have great pride in saying we always call our clients back on time! We understand how important our help is to you,” says Mr. Russack.

RussackLaw will guide you to a financial fresh start, debt relief, good credit and a new financial life. Let the experienced and professional team of attorneys and paralegals work to help your and your family. RussackLaw’s goal is that you Achieve Your Goal .

Tate Russack career in law began after retirement as a decorated US Army officer helicopter test pilot. Tate has helped thousands of individuals and local businesses successfully restructure hundreds of millions of dollars in financial obligations. Tate donates pro bono legal services to medically retired and wounded Veterans.

Cami Russack focuses on business law for small to medium-size companies as well a Bankruptcy. Cami has extensive experience in company formation, contracts, and leases, complicated negotiations, insolvency proceedings, and bankruptcies.

RussackLaw, fighting for Marylanders.

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8737 Brooke Drive, Suite 107, Easton
100 Severn Avenue, Suite 101, Annapolis
410-505-4150 |

Q. What debt will be discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, and what happens to my house and car?

A. A bankruptcy filed under chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy code will discharge every debt you have a legal obligation to pay, except domestic support obligations, student loans, and tax debts that have been incurred in the last three filing years. Your home mortgage and your car loan will also be discharged. The difference with these debts is that the lender or bank has a lien on your home or car, which was authorized by you as collateral to ensure the repayment of the debt. Under the bankruptcy code you can elect to keep either the home or car or both. This election is memorialized in what the bankruptcy code refers to as a reaffirmation agreement. By entering into one of these agreements, you are treating the debt as if you never filed bankruptcy as to that debt and, therefore, it follows that you will keep the home or car you reaffirm.

Tate M. Russack, RussackLaw

Q. Will my bankruptcy appear on my credit report and how will it affect me?

A. Yes, for 10 years, but consider the better credit risk that you are after filing: you will have the same income, few or no debts, an ability to repay new loans, and you cannot file Chapter 7 again for another six years. Lenders make loans based on current credit worthiness more than any other factor. There are exceptions, but you will probably have little difficulty in re-establishing credit after this is over.

Cami Russack, RussackLaw