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Sandwich Skewers

May 21, 2014 04:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Food at parties should really be one-handed. And sandwich skewers fit the bill perfectly. It’s essentially a sandwich on a stick. Everything tastes better on a stick.


3 slices honey-glazed ham
6 slices white cheddar cheese
6 cherry tomatoes
3 slices sourdough bread


Slice the sourdough bread into 18 cubes. Slices the ham into 6 pieces and fold each piece into a square. Using a skewer, place a piece of bread, then a piece of ham into the skewer. Place another cube of bread then a slice of cheese. Place a cherry tomato on the skewer then top with one more cube of bread. Repeat with remaining skewers and ingredients.

Makes 6 skewers.

--Kim Cooper--