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A Life Well Lived?

Jun 16, 2014 06:00AM ● By Cate Reynolds
The University of Michigan has been conducting a study of high school seniors, entitled Monitoring the Future, since 1975. Meanwhile, UCLA has had its own American Freshman survey of college freshman since 1966. The combined results in one particular area may reveal quite a bit about the American Dream, our quality of life, and our personal well-being.

The proportion of students who said being very wealthy was very important to them increased from 45 percent for Baby Boomers (surveyed between 1967 and 1985) to 70 percent for Gen X and 75 percent for Millennials. Perhaps not coincidentally, the percentage who said it was important to keep up to date with political affairs fell from 50 percent for Boomers to 39 percent for Gen X and 35 percent for Millennials. —S.H.

Bottom Line: The definition of a full and rich life seems to be evolving—or is that devolving?