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Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

Jul 09, 2014 04:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Making sorbet at home always outweighs buying it at the store. You can control the sweetness, the fruit flavors, the ingredients. Strawberry lemon sorbet is a great summer option, with a hit of tart flavor and a big dose of sweetness.


2 lbs. strawberries, hulled and halved
2 lemons, 1 whole sliced and juice of second lemon
1 cup sugar


Place lemons and sugar in a food processor and process until well-combined and mostly smooth. Transfer to a bowl. Place strawberries in the food processor and process until smooth. Place the lemon mixture back in the processor with the strawberries and process until fully combined. Transfer mixture to an 8” x 4” loaf pan. Place in the freezer. Freeze for two hours then stir it around. It should be solidifying at this point. Freeze for two more hours until completely frozen. It will still be somewhat soft but should be completely frozen.

Makes about 4 cups of sorbet

--Kim Cooper--