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Cecily B. Schneider's 10 Best Home-Staging Basics

Aug 01, 2014 01:30PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Stager Cecily B. Schneider of Easton, works with Benson & Mangold Realtor Janet Larson to reposition a sofa table. The table stopped the eye from seeing the poolscape and waterview as one enters this newly listed home in St. Michaels.

1. Front entryway to the home must be clearly marked and welcoming. This is the buyers’ and Realtors’ first impression.

2. All glass surfaces from windows to mirrors and artwork must sparkle.

3. De-personalize so buyers aren’t spending time figuring out who the sellers are. They need to picture themselves living in the home.

4. Allow the house itself to show—de-clutter.

5. Open up exterior views by getting rid of interior distractions.

6. Keep things neutral—don’t allow a buyers’ eye to become distracted with colors and patterns.

7. Keep objects off the floor (including scatter rugs) and away from corners so buyers aren’t on an obstacle course.

8. Show the home’s moldings and other woodwork; it’s those details the buyer wants to see.

9. Keep bathrooms simple and kitchen counters empty.

10. Keep window blind slats horizontal (fully open) to let in natural light; it’s important to have a bright house. Brightness fills buyers with positive feelings and impressions.