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McCarl Dental Group, PC

Oct 17, 2014 01:44PM ● By Cate Reynolds
McCarl Dental Group, PC
Jay McCarl, DDS Clayton McCarl, Jr., DDS David McCarl, DDS

 Dr. Clayton McCarl, Dr. Jay McCarl, and Dr. David McCarl completed their Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University Of Maryland School Of Dentistry, and continue post-doctoral training with prestigious instructors and advanced programs throughout the country. “Post-doctoral training is even more important today than ever before! In a field that is rapidly changing, if you are not constantly moving forward, you are falling behind!” says Dr. Clayton McCarl. That’s why the McCarl Dental Group participates in TEN TIMES the required amount of annual post-doctoral training required.

McCarl dentists offer a winning combination of the latest technology and four generations of dental experience. “We’ve seen amazing changes in dentistry over the years. One thing doesn’t change – every patient is special to us” says Dr. David McCarl. The highly trained dentists, hygienists and staff at McCarl Dental Group will give you confidence in your dental care and your healthy smile.

We also understand that everyone deserves a good value today. We work hard to offer treatment plan options for proposed services with a variety of payment plans.

We offer a complete range of dental services and personalized dental care for adults, seniors and children.

*Extended hours for your convenience
*Accessibility to your dentist with same-day emergency dental care
*Free consultation and second opinions on dental treatment

The dentists at McCarl Dental Group provide top quality care with dedication, respect, and kindness to our dental patients.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services include:
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Smmile Analysis and Enhancement
  • Dental Implants
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Invisible Orthodontics
  • Periodontal Therapy

70% of McCarl Dental Group’s new patients are referred by existing patients who recommend family and friends. New patients are always welcome and appreciated.

28 Ridge Road
8601 Veterans Highway
Suite 101


Q. What is the difference between a digital scannerand a dental impression?

A. Accuracy and comfort. An impression involves rubber-like material inserted in your mouth and held in place until it hardens. A dental restoration is made on the model from the impression. A digital scanner has a wand connected to a computer that takes 3-D digital images of your mouth and creates a virtual model. There are procedures when scanning is not possible. When a digital scan can be used, the models created are more accurate resulting in a more precise dental restoration. For those with strong gag reflexes, the scanner is a godsend and allows for a more comfortable visit.

McCarl Dental Group, PC

Q. Are there any innovative products in dentistry?

A. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of new innovations in dentistry. Some have proven to be “game changers” like digital x-rays and digital scanning. Many of the significant innovations are behind the scenes or improvements on existing products. Stronger and more esthetic porcelains, faster acting local anesthetics, microscopes and telescopes for better visualization, and improvements in gum therapies and dental implants are just a few of the many, many improvements available to dental patients today.

McCarl Dental Group, PC