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PSS MediSpa

Oct 17, 2014 02:37PM ● By Cate Reynolds
 Wrinkles, dark spots, unwanted hair…ah, the effects of aging! Although no real preventive measures completely outwit the ravages of time, medical science has come up with some very effective methods to rejuvenate skin and produce a youthful appearance.

Treatments and services offered by PSS MediSpa can be defined by three exclusive criteria: They must be medically sound. They must be results driven. And they must be among the procedures approved by the affiliated physicians of Plastic Surgery Specialists (PSS).

Because of this connection, PSS MediSpa can offer more aggressive treatments and products than the average day spa. Procedures incorporate a variety of evolving technologies, such as permanent laser hair removal for both men and women performed by a registered nurse, and intense pulse light (IPL) to target and treat sundamaged skin, age spots and rosacea. ReFirme, a non-surgical skin tightening procedure, uses radio frequency and infrared light to stimulate collagen and make the skin firmer. Microdermabrasion, another non-surgical procedure, removes the dead, outer layer of skin to improve the appearance of skin damaged by the sun, fine lines, acne scars and age spots.

Treatments are highly personalized and based on individual needs. “In the case of acne, which is a very common condition among teens and adults, an esthetician will review the individual’s skin type, diet, and skincare products,” says Jan Sutton, skin care director of PSS MediSpa. “She then comes up with an individual program to fit the patient’s skin type and problem area. Our results have been very good.”

PSS MediSpa offers a wide range of medicalgrade skin care products and makeup, chemical peels, and injectables, as well as its own private line of anti-aging treatments, cell rejuvenating serum products and face washes.

The idea to create PSS MediSpa originated over 25 years ago when a PSS nurse took an interest in esthetics. Today, the medispa team consists of nine medical estheticians trained in the latest medical spa techniques, bringing more than 60 years of combined experience to the practice. The four board-certified plastic surgeons of PSS oversee the operation of the medispas at the Annapolis, Easton and Severna Park locations. “There is a huge and growing awareness of medispa technology today,” says Paul Buhrer, M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon and the medical director of PSS MediSpa. “Medispa treatment is a great way for younger patients who are not ready for cosmetic surgery to put off for as long as they can what they may ultimately want to have.” Patients who choose to have cosmetic surgery are advised to have their skin in the healthiest possible condition. “We support what the physicians are doing by educating and preparing patients for the best surgical result,” says Ms. Sutton. For the nonsurgical patient, PSS MediSpa provides quality skin care treatments that safely and effectively manage the early signs of aging.

PSS MediSpa
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