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Dr. Brian Valle, PA

Oct 17, 2014 04:45PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Excellence in Dentistry includes words like integrity, skill and empathy. It means you can trust your dentist and his staff to autograph their work with excellence. Dr. Brian Valle aims for perfection on every procedure and understands that excellence is the sum of several parts.

Traditional Dentistry focuses on a reparative model, which means treating problems as they arise. If you have a cavity, you will get a filling. If the filling fails, you get a larger filling. If the tooth breaks, you will get a dental crown. A Kois trained Dentist focuses on a wellness model of dentistry that is based on predicting and preventing disease.

Some people spend thousands of dollars caring for their teeth throughout their lifetime yet continue to experience new areas of decay, gum disease, or teeth that break and wear—regardless of what they do. Often these people blame the condition of their mouth as purely their own fault or just something they have to live with. However, as science tells us, your risk of oral related problems are mostly related to genetics, your ability to fight disease, and the type of bacteria that inhabit your mouth. In addition, bite and jaw problems occur when the muscles and joint cannot adapt to the imperfections in the way your chew.

Dr. Valle uses these science-based techniques and fundamentals, continually verified and tested at the Kois Center, to design and craft your dentistry. He has studied and adapted predictable methods that focus on five fundamental risk categories: Gum and Bone, Tooth structure, Bite/Jaw alignment, Esthetics, and medical conditions.

Dr. Valle will look at factors that may contribute to your susceptibility to oral related problems. This protocol is used in identifying risk factors promoting minimally invasive dentistry to create beautiful restorations that will perform and function in a natural functional manner. When you choose Dr. Valle to be your primary dentist you can be assured that he is the only dentist you will see when you come to his office.

Dr. Valle was born and raised in Arnold, Maryland. After receiving his Bachelor Degree in Biology from Loyola University, he graduated with honors from The University of Maryland School of Dentistry. He is an alumni of the Dawson Center for advanced dentistry, the UCLA Esthetic Continuum, the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry, Ross-Nash Institute for cosmetic enhancements, the Facial Beauty Institute in Memphis and most recently, the Kois Center in Seattle, where he is both a graduate and a mentor for the dental institute.

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Q. Should I be concerned that I am grinding my teeth?

A. The dental term for tooth grinding is called bruxism. Mild cases of bruxism do not always require treatment. Excessive grinding or clenching over time can result in worn tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity, gum recession and chipped teeth. In addition, patients experience headaches, earaches, and muscle/tempormandibular (jaw) pain. A mouth guard or splint worn at night can help by creating a barrier to stop further damage, but may not always eliminate the problem. It is important to see a dentist that understands the relationship between the jaws, muscles, and teeth so they can provide definitive solutions to treat the causes of grinding

Dr. Brian Valle, PA