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Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Oct 17, 2014 01:57PM ● By Cate Reynolds
When you step inside Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, you instantly sense something different about this dental practice. The décor features neutral colors and a cozy coastal Chesapeake theme. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the people inside are friendly. Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry prides itself on making patient comfort a top priority. Patients of all ages are welcome, and the staff takes the time to develop a good relationship with every patient. And, based on their patients’ testimonials, it seems as if they are definitely succeeding.

An all-female dental practice, Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry was established under the guiding principle of “patients first,” a motto Dr. Martha Sidlowski has continued to emphasize since she purchased the practice from Dr. Deborah Caruso (now Caruso-Apter) in 2008.

A native of Anne Arundel County, Dr. Sidlowski earned her DDS from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland. Dr. Caruso-Apter received her dental degree at Georgetown University School of Dentistry; and Dr. Brittany Bergeron earned her dental degree at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides a wide range of services, including basic dental procedures and cosmetic treatments, and will begin offering Invisalign in the fall. The practice utilizes the most up-to-date technologies and techniques, and the dentists care about their patients’ oral health as well as their overall health.

Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry believes that all patients should be able to receive the treatment they need and deserve. The staff helps patients with their insurance to make the process as easy as possible. The practice also offers an in-house savings plan for their patients who do not have insurance. For a yearly fee, patients receive a 20 percent discount on services. And, as an added convenience, appointments can be scheduled online.

“We value all of our patients and consider them part of our family,” says Dr. Sidlowski. “We really get to know them and create a treatment plan that is customized to their individual needs. Since we realize that anxiety is a very real concern for many patients, we definitely take it seriously and work hard to put them at ease. A smile makes a first impression, and a healthy, beautiful smile can dramatically improve patients’ self-esteem and confidence. So we’re very happy when we’re able to help our patients achieve that.”

1610 West Street, Suite 202, Annapolis, MD 410-990-4800 |

Q. Is there really a connection between oral health and overall health?

A. Absolutely! A link has been established between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease. The harmful bacteria found in the mouth when periodontal disease is present circulates in the bloodstream and damages the blood vessels, which promotes the development of clots that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. A connection has also been found between diabetes and periodontal disease, making diabetics more susceptible to advanced destruction of bone and gums. In addition, uncontrolled periodontal disease has been linked to low-birth weight and premature birth.

Dr. Martha Sidlowski, Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry