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Dr. Alvan M. Holston, DDS

Oct 17, 2014 12:21PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Dr. “Van” Holston started his dental career in the United States Army Dental Corps stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. After three years in the Army he was appointed as an instructor at the University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1975 he was named Chairman of the Department of Fixed Restorative Dentistry (crown and bridge). Six years later, Dr. Holston developed and initiated a one-year, post-graduate program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry in order to broaden the scope of clinical training for the dental graduate and better prepare the student for private practice. This program was one of the first in the United States and now is offered in almost all other dental schools in the country. In 1988, Dr. Holston transitioned into full-time private practice in Easton, taking over for the retiring Dr. Bob Bauman on Dutchmans Lane.

Today, with a wonderful staff of seven, the practice is located in a new Building on Caulk Lane incorporating the latest technology and state-of- the-art equipment including digital radiography (minimizing radiation exposure), intraoral photography for case documentation and recording oral conditions, and the latest techniques and materials for treating a variety of dental problems. Dr. Holston is well known for his skill and talent in the area of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

The goals and philosophy of the practice focus on providing the highest quality dental care in a setting that is relaxing and comfortable. The needs and desires of each patient are the first priority to all of the staff. The experienced hygiene staffworks with patients to constantly improve their preventive dentistry efforts.

Dr. Holston is very pleased to introduce an associate, Dr. Drew Barnes, who will be joining the practice while completing the Advanced General Dentistry Post Graduate Program at the University of Maryland. Dr. Barnes is a graduate of St. Mary’s College and the University of Maryland Dental School and will divide his time between Easton and Baltimore for the next two years until the completion of his post-doctoral education. Upon completion of his training he will join the practice full time.

Dr. Alvan M. Holston, DDS
Dr. Andrew D. Barnes, DDS
5 Caulk Lane, Easton, MD


Q. How often should Ihave my teeth cleaned?

A. Each patient is different based on: 
  • Existing periodontal (gum) health
  • Quantity and rate of calculus (tartar) build-up
  • Effectiveness of the patient’s own home care effort.
The dentist and hygienist should continually evaluate thesefactors and determine what interval is best for each patient.

Dr. Alvan Holston, DDS