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Kent Island Dentistry

Oct 17, 2014 01:10PM ● By Cate Reynolds


Kent Island Dentistry Brings AdvancedDental Technology to the Shore

Dedicated to compassionate comprehensive care, advanced dental technologies, and continuing education, Ryan S. Maisel, DDS and Eugene R. McNinch, III, DDS founded Kent Island Dentistry in 2005 (after practicing for five years in Denton) with the objective of advancing oral health care on the Eastern Shore. With a wonderfully pleasant staff, patients will find customer service starts at the front desk.

“Many people come into our office with a fear of dentistry. We eliminate those fears by explaining everything in great detail. We treat patients as members of our family,” says Dr. Maisel. “We give our patients the time and attention that they deserve.”

“We have so many people say, I didn’t even feel that injection,” says Dr. McNinch. “Compassion and attention to detail separate a great dentist from a good one. Informing patients of their options and keeping current on technology is essential to optimizing great dental care.”

“We have patients who come in very worried, and even embarrassed by their smiles. It is a great feeling of accomplishment when we turn them around, when they progress to being proud of their smiles and no longer fear their dental appointments,” says Dr. Maisel.

Modern Dental Technologies AdvanceOral Health & Esthetic Dentistry

At Kent Island Dentistry, patients will find the most advanced dental technology on the shore. Digital radiology software allows Drs. Maisel and McNinch to see the minutest details in your teeth. “This enables us to pick up tooth decay very early. When you catch things early, they are more easily managed. Digital radiology delivers much lower doses of radiation,” says Dr. Maisel. “It’s a win-win for our patients.”

“Our Biolase system combines laser energy with water, setting new standards in patient comfort; this allows us to do many procedures without injections,” says Dr. McNinch. “We are also using CEREC technology that allows us to perform quality restorations—crowns and inlays—in just one visit, which eliminates the need for temporaries.”

As a comprehensive dental practice, Drs. Maisel and McNinch are specifically trained to select the best option to replace missing teeth, whether it be an implant or a bridge. With their advanced technology, Kent Island Dentistry offers state-of- the-artesthetic dentistry including porcelain veneers and in-officeZoom!™ whitening.

Practice Built on Reputation & Continuing Education

Any good health practice is built on reputation. “The majority of our patient base is from referral by other patients. It is very heartwarming that people want to send their family members and friends to us,” says Dr. McNinch, who co-authored a children’s book with his brother Blair called Woogie the Wombat. In this delightful tale, children meet a terrified Wombat named Woogie, and through his experience learn that going to the dentist is not something to be feared, but that a dentist is a friend who is there to help make their teeth strong! The book is available through with all profits being donated to children’s charities.

Drs. Maisel and McNinch are dedicated to advancing their dental education, completing continuing education courses that far exceed those required by the Maryland State Dental Board. “With dental technology constantly changing, it is our priority to be on top of everything new in the field, so we can bring that knowledge home to the patient,” says Dr. Maisel.

1231 Shopping Center Road Stevensville


Q. How do I know what the best dental treatment option for me is?

A. Almost every dental problem has at least a couple of treatment options which could lead to a successful resolution. After taking time to listen to the specifics of a particular dental problem, I feel that it’s my job to inform my patients of the pros and cons of each option so that they can make an educated decision on treatment. I want an end result that optimizes function, esthetics and comfort, knowing that is what I would recommend to any member of my own family.

Gene McNinch, DDS, Kent Island Dentistry