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Kitchen Tip of the Week: Chef'n ZipStrip Herb Zipper

Oct 22, 2014 04:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Chef’n ZipStrip Herb Zipper

This tool is a lifesaver in my part of the world. I used it for this week’s butternut squash and pear dish (rosemary) and the maple pork chop dish (thyme). This ingenuous little thing will save you loads of time and spare you endless amounts of aggravation. There are different sized holes to correspond with varying woody herbs. For example, thyme would get pulled through the very top hole, while rosemary would go through the hole one or two below. The leaves then fall into the bowl below, which doubles as a collecting mechanism and a measuring cup. Since fresh herbs don’t have as strong a flavor impact as dried herbs, you often need a decent amount, not to mention any required for garnish. I got this little gem at Sur La Table where it sells for $7.95.

By Rhea Torreon