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What is a Major Cause of Death in Pregnant Women in the U.S.? Homicide.

Oct 29, 2014 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
According to a 2011 study (most recent available), researchers asserted that murder and suicide were more common causes of death in pregnant women than medical conditions related to the pregnancy. The researchers pulled their data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Violent Death Reporting System, which includes 17 states.

In recent months, violence against women has commanded center stage in the media at home—Ray Rice—and abroad—Oscar Pistorius. Rice, of course used his fists. Pistorius had a handy home arsenal. While checking international homicide statistics, his possible reasons for having such weaponry available may become a little clearer: According to figures compiled by the United Nations, in 2012 there were approximately 14,827 homicides in the U.S.; the 2012 figure for South Africa was 16,259 homicide victims. A country (U.S.A.) with a population of 316 million people and a penchant for guns, had fewer homicides that a country (South Africa) with 53 million people. Astonishing.

--Sarah Hagerty