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Athletes Worth Watching: Gavin Cauley

Oct 31, 2014 01:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Severn School, Football, Wrestling

A member of the Admirals wrestling team and offensive and defensive lines on the football team, Gavin Cauley knows what it takes to face competition head-on.

His experience on both teams has given him the ability to adapt to team and solo situations during tough contests.

“Football and wrestling have taught me to always give 100 percent effort in everything I do,” he says. “They have also taught me to keep my composure in certain situations. In sports, you cannot get frustrated or you will start to perform poorly. I take the same composure I have on the field and use it in my everyday life.”

The experience he’s gained over the last few years came through more than ever last season. Cauley, who has been wrestling since eighth grade, managed to go from a winless freshman wrestler to an undefeated member of the MIAA B Conference in the 170-pound division as a junior.

He knew in order to have a successful senior season in both sports, he’d have to put in extra work.

“This offseason I have done a lot to prepare,” Gavin says. “I was in the gym at least four days a week lifting weights. I also did a fair amount of running whether it was long distance or sprints.”

Along with playing football and wrestling, he is a member of the math team and a member of Model UN. He loves to challenge himself with complex numerical problems and has a keen interest in studying world conflict, most specifically the Middle East.

When he gets to college, he hopes to major in business, engineering, statistics, or another math-related field. After college, Gavin has his sights set on working as a doctor, statistician, or something in business or finance.

Gavin is considering a lot of colleges including the University of Maryland, University of South Carolina, and University of Georgia. Before he makes that important decision, he’s going to embrace the time he has left at Severn.

“I am looking forward to having fun with all of my friends and getting into college,” Cauley says. “This is the last year of high school [so] I want to go out with a bang.”

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