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Frosty…the Personal Trainer

Nov 12, 2014 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Just when you thought you had gotten into a regular workout routine, winter comes along and throws you off. But the cold is no excuse to keep you from staying fit this season. Fitness trainer and certified nutritionist, Franci Cohen, shares with us an at-home workout she uses during these cold winter days:

Power Squat “Can-Can” If you are looking for a convenient way to exercise when you simply don’t want to battle the cold weather outside, then try this! “Go into the kitchen and pull out two cans of beans, soup, whatever. Use the cans as weights to perform everything from jumping jacks to burpees,” says Cohen. “The added weight of the cans will add a kick to your indoor routine, and the variety will definitely bring a smile to your face!”

  • Grab two cans from your kitchen cupboard. 16 oz. cans of either beans, tomato sauce, or anything else that you have handy will do just fine!
  • Stand with feet together holding one can in each hand.
  • Power down into a squat position, opening your stance so that feet are a bit wider than hip width apart. Try to keep weight shifted toward your rear, and be careful not to hyperextend knees past your toes.
  • As you drop down into your power squat, place each can on the floor (one near your left foot and one near your right).
  • Jump back up from your squat (WITHOUT the cans) bringing feet back to starting position, and reaching your hands over head to the ceiling.
  • Repeat your power squat, but this time PICK UP your cans as you jump up from the squat, and reach your hands (cans in hands) over head to the ceiling.
  • Repeat the power squat dropping and picking up the cans 30 times.

“This move juxtaposes toning and cardio producing a sculpting and calorie-blasting effect that really targets both the hamstrings, quads, and glutes while chiseling the arms and shoulders to perfection,” says Cohen.

--Sarah Hagerty
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