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Kitchen Tool of the Week

Nov 19, 2014 04:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler

The Swiss peeler is one of the easiest peelers to use around. It makes peeling things like the butternut squash in this week’s Seared Scallops with Squash Puree and Sage Butter a breeze. The Swiss peeler is highly regarded in the culinary world because it’s inexpensive, easy to handle, and it peels at the right depth to take away skin but very little of the desired fruit or veggie content. The only negative I can say about this peeler is that when I run it through the dishwasher rust starts to build up on the blade. In order to avoid this I simply rinse and immediately dry it by hand. Swiss peelers can be found at many stores like Target or Sur La Table. I got mine at Whole Foods for $6.95.

Rhea Torreon
Instagram: whatsupfoodie