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Athletes Worth Watching: Stephanie Skolka

Nov 25, 2014 09:00AM ● By Jake Russell
by Jake Russell

Stephanie Skolka
Kent Island, Cheerleading

Inspired by her older sister, Stephanie has thrived by putting on a smile and supporting the home team for 13 years.

Having spent most of her life as a cheerleader, that experience has translated into three world championships and six national championships with her all-star team as well as an MVP award and Rookie of the Year award at Kent Island.

For Stephanie, the lessons learned from cheering translate well to the real world.

“Cheerleading teaches us about team work and how to work collaboratively with others,” she says. “It also teaches us to have a positive outlook on things and to act as a leader.”

A member of the varsity squad since freshman year, Stephanie is known for her outstanding tumbling and stunting skills.

As one of the captains of the team, Stephanie likes to come up with new moves when she’s not busy with schoolwork and outside activities. She does that by visiting YouTube to see what innovative stunts other teams use during cheer competitions.

When she’s not spreading positive vibes on the sideline and pumping up the crowd, she spends time as a member of the National Honor Society, Interact Club, and Teacher Appreciation Club.

Stephanie’s goals and expectations for her senior year at Kent Island are straightforward and filled with excitement.

“I am looking forward to making memories that will last a lifetime,” Skolka says. “I want to take advantage of everything that my senior year has to offer. I am also excited about getting myself prepared to go to college.”

“I want to have a great time with my friends and family, keep up my grades, get into a college of my choice, and avoid senioritis,” she added.

Skolka is looking to continue her education down south. She has applied to the University of South Carolina, East Carolina University, and the University of Alabama. She wants to attend a university that makes her feel at home and has a lot of school spirit.

When she gets to college, she wants to major in marketing and business and minor in graphic design. She hopes to transform those majors into a career where she can use her creativity and ability to develop new ideas.