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YWCA Stand Against Racism 2015

Apr 24, 2015 12:58PM ● By Cate Reynolds
The YWCA participated in the Stand Against Racism initiative. The team met at the Alex Haley ( memorial and could be found in downtown Annapolis, engaging in conversations with their community members. They distributed hundreds of Pledge to Stand Against Racism cards, bracelets, and stickers. There are 251 YWCA's nationwide and the majority participate in the Stand. This year's focus was on racial profiling.
The very first person they spoke to had JUST come from district court and getting her protective order from her abuser (showed them a gap in her beautiful smile from where he had recently knocked her teeth out). She was represented by the YWCA and said it made all the difference in taking this step.

See more about this on theirĀ Facebook page.