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The Good Divorce Network

May 13, 2015 04:47PM ● By Cate Reynolds

From left to right: Michael Malone, Esq., Evan Koslow, Esq., Kendall Summers, Esq., Dr. Rebecca McKee, Ph.d., Nancy Weller, Esq., Susan Krohn, LCSW, , Tasnima Apol, Esq., Timothy Mummert, Esq., Andy Lombardo, CPA, CVA, David Diggs, Esq., and Dr. Donald Hudson, Ph.d.

Helpful tips and things to think about when approaching divorce

Do you really want a divorce?

From my experience working with divorcing individuals and couples, no couple starts out hoping a divorce will end their marriage. Marriage is one of the most promising events in our lives. It begins with hopes and dreams of family, love, and a joyful life. But stuff happens, and not every marriage makes it through the difficult challenges, and in my view sometimes it is better for the couple to divorce. But it is with great grief that people end their marriages and that is what makes it so hard.

The truth is, all marriages go through rough patches. Often by the time cases comes to my office, the path to divorce is clear, but sometimes, the marriage may have become difficult, but with help, it can be repaired! We are working to develop a new information network called the “Good Divorce Network” which is designed as a resource guide, and which despite its name, is also designed to help those contemplating divorce to have access to marriage counseling resources.

I always ask my clients, before taking any formal steps, “Are you absolutely sure you have tried everything and that you want your marriage to end?” There are many resources, including great faith – based resources, which can help couples to try and identify what is missing in their marriage. They can sometimes identify how the couple may be miscommunicating to one another or where there may simply be need for forgiveness and renewal. So the first really difficult question is whether you should really be walking down the path of divorce or to continue to try and repair the marriage.

If divorce seems certain,build your knowledge.

If you are fairly certain you and your spouse are heading toward divorce, take some time to do some research on the web. Of course you should take it all with a grain of salt, but there is a ton of free information out there. By just entering a search for divorce in Maryland, the search engine will give you lots of resources with which to start. We are developing the “Good Divorce Network” to help provide a resource to such information sites and tools, but one good source is to look on the descriptions of websites for family law firms and attorneys. They often provide lots of general descriptions of Maryland law and standards. The Anne Arundel Circuit Court website also has a family law case management section which has an outline of the process in the courts which might be helpful. Your general searches will not answer your specific questions, though. The next step is talking with lawyers.

Interview Lawyers, Look for legal Excellent and Experience

The next step to really finding information about your specific case and situation is to get on the phone and talk with some lawyers. Often family lawyers will give you some time and help at no charge on the phone, and sometimes they offer either free or a fixed fee Initial Consult. This is a good time for you to learn about the legal standards that apply to your situation, and also to experience attorneys first hand before you choose one.

Choose your Lawyer Well!

I think this is more important in family law cases than most people think. Your lawyer’s approach will define much of your case. This is an important step as family law cases are long term, so your relationship with your lawyer is very important. I suggest you look for an attorney who matches your approach, including whether you wish a high-conflict court case (in which case you want to look for an attorney who focuses on litigation and trial practice), or whether you are settlement oriented (in which case you should look for an attorney who will approach the case from settlement first or at least talk with you about the options for settlement).

Explore all the Options for Resolution!

There is not just one way of doing anything, and that is particularly true in family law. Exposure to High Conflict in the home is extremely destructive to children and erodes most possibilities of maintaining a positive working relationship with your ex-spouse. You may not be able to avoid High Conflict, and that may set your course and decisions.

If there is an opportunity to avoid high conflict, and still resolve the issues between you in what you consider are reasonably fair terms, there are many ways to go about this process. Choosing a settlement-oriented and trained attorney is a good first step, and then working with that attorney to develop a plan to invite your ex into a conversation and settlement process could be a great way to proceed. We have some fantastic mediators in Anne Arundel County who can help guide dialogue to resolution, we also have trained collaborative attorneys and professionals who can help provide a non-conflict oriented problem-solving process. Generally speaking, settlement processes provide more creative options for satisfactory results and are usually are much less expensive. Why spend the money and deal with high conflict, when you can have a positive relationship, reach an accord and put the money to better use?

Surround Yourself with a Support Network.

Last final tip, hold on to those who support you, or seek out new friends and support groups, pastors, faith community help, counselors and those available to help you through the difficult periods of separation and divorce. In my view, the healthiest folks are the ones getting the therapy! This difficult time offers the opportunity to develop new friendships and to discovery new strengths about yourself.

We wish you every joy and happiness in 2015!

- Kendall Summers

Divorce Attorneys

Tasnima Apol, Esq.
Family Law Attorney & Collaborative Professional Will/Trusts & Guardianships
Apol Law, LLC
“Helps Clients Resolve Life’s Problems”
Annapolis, MD 21401

David Diggs, Esq.
Family Law Attorney & Trial Litigation
Kahn Smith and Collins, Pa
Millersville, MD 21401

Evan Koslow, Esq.
Family Law Attorney & Mediator
Koslow Law Firm, LLC
Annapolis, MD 21401

Michael Malone, Esq.
Family Law Attorney & Mediator
Collaborative Professional
Maryland Delegate, District 33
Law Office of Michael Malone
Gambrills, MD 21054

Timothy J. Mummert, Esq.
Attorney / Mediator
Divorce; Custody/Child Access; Property Rights; Alimony; Child Support; Mediation;
Trial Practice; Collaborative Law
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Kendall B. Summers, Esq.
Attorney / Mediator / Collaborative Professional
Divorce / Family Law / Wills & Trusts
Divorce; Custody/Child Access; Property Rights; Alimony; Child Support; Mediation;
Trial Practice; Collaborative Law
Annapolis, MD 21401

Nancy Weller, Esq.
Family Law Attorney & Mediator
Collaborative Professional
President, Anne Arundel Collaborative Professionals
Treasurer of Howard County Collaborative Professionals, and the AA Co Delegate to the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council
Nancy Weller, LLC
Annapolis, MD 21401

Divorce Therapists

Dr. Donald W. Hudson, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Annapolis, MD 21401 | 410-381-2244
Couple & Individual relationship enhancement; Depression & Anxiety Management; Career restructuring; Re-invention of self; High-Schooler’s emotional development & goal direction; Divorce recovery.

Susan G. Krohn, MSW, LCSW-C
Licensed Clinical Social Worker/ Family and Child Therapist, Court Certified Mediator, Divorce Coach and Trained in collaborative divorce as both child specialist and coach. Over 30 years’ experience working with adults, adolescents and children as well as families and couples.
584 Bellerive Rd., Suite 3C | Annapolis, MD 21409
410-626-8626 |

Dr. Rebecca Mitch McKee, PhD, LCPC-S
Clinical / Forensic Psychotherapist., Director, Anne Arundel Counseling Inc.
Annapolis - Glen Burnie - Edgewater - Kent Island - Centreville - Bowie
410-768-5988 |
Individual, family and group counseling to children, adolescents and adults.

Divorce Financial

Andrew R. Lombardo, CPA, CVA
Lombardo Wagner Ayers & Co., LLC
Annapolis, MD 21401
410-263-4201 |
Public Accounting; Divorce financial Consulting; Divorce Analyses and Accounting;
Tax structuring for Divorce; Litigation Support; Expert Testimony; Business valuation.

The Good Divorce Network…
is a resource tool.

A local professional network of independent professionals who serve those going through the difficult life challenges of separation and divorce, child custody disputes, and other family law matters.

The Good Divorce Network consists of Attorneys, Therapists, Social Workers, Financial Planners and Accountants, who not only care about their clients, but are committed to the pursuit of best practices for their clients.

The Good Divorce Network…
provides information and educational opportunities.

Educational opportunities and informational resources combined to help the public, and as an educational and network resource for professionals.

The Good Divorce Network…
supports developing new tools and information.

Supporting innovation development of tools in assisting family law practice, providing greater access for the public to information, training and tools

We together with other divorce and family transitionprofessionals are the Good Divorce Network.

Check out our new resource website at

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