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The Arts in Easton Banner Auction

Jun 08, 2015 03:49PM ● By Becca Newell

Ashleigh Pennington, Tim Weigand, and Erin Hutfilz

The Arts in Easton Banner Auction brought together about 500 art enthusiasts on Saturday, May 16th, all vying for the chance to purchase one of the 88 pieces of original art on canvas banners.

Each banner was designed by a local artist in various mediums, including acrylic paint, oil paint, photographic art, mosaics, and three-dimensional art. For the past year, the banners adorned lampposts throughout downtown Easton. 

Held at the Waterfowl Festival Building in Easton, the auction raised more than $20,000. Artists receive 75 percent of the proceeds after the first $100; the remainder goes to the Avalon Foundation to cover the cost of the program.

Be sure to mark your calendar for next year's auction on Saturday, May 14th!