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A Few of Our Favorite Things: 2015 Home Trend Tableau

Jul 10, 2015 09:00AM ● By Cate Reynolds

Sherwin Williams’ 2015 Color of the Year, Coral Reef. Photo courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

By Sidney Hinkle
Photos courtesy of Hometrack Real Estate Marketing

We wait and we want, and when our pockets can foot the bill, we pounce on that home upgrade or piece of furniture that looks just right for the living room. From High Point Market in North Carolina—ground zero for furniture/design industry trends—to homes in our own neck of the woods, we’ve cherry-picked home and garden trends to keep an eye on, with real examples culled from Chesapeake regional homes we have profiled in the pages of our magazines.

Repurposed Furnishings

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Paints
From old dressers to kitchen chairs, repurposing furniture has definitely made a comeback. Take an old piece of furniture, refurnish it to match your home’s décor, and make a statement. Repurposed furniture gives the home a touch of your own personality and makes a house feel just a little more like a home.

Eco-Friendly Features

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
There are limitless ways to “go green” in your home. Reclaiming and reusing wood from other parts of your house (or other sources) to build cabinets or floors in one spin on the enviro movement. Buying new energy efficient appliances is another simple way to go green. You can even go green in the smallest of ways by adding eco-friendly coats of paint to your walls.

Cutting-edge Appliances

Photo courtesy of DeCaro Luxury Real Estate
Appliances are increasingly being designed to save you space and time in the kitchen. Having more than one oven for cooking or re-heating has become popular. Silver, white, or black are the big three colors that would give any kitchen an elegant look that is sure to impress.

Bluer is Better

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
In the world of home fashion many people would likely say “blue is the new black” for this year. Dark blue, light blue, and baby blue are just a few of the blues that are popping up in home décor. From blue walls to blue carpets, there are floor-to-ceiling options to add this color to the home.

Gold Accents

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
A big living room trend for this year is the exquisite use of gold to infuse energy into a setting. Gold lamps, gold picture frames, and even splotches of gold in the furniture. These small accents tie the whole room together and make a small part become an even bigger masterpiece.

Heavy Metal

Photo courtesy of Sherwin Williams
Heavy metal elements including metallic and bronze are some of the most sought-after accents being placed in living room settings. No matter how small they may be, they have a huge impact on creating the atmosphere. Much like gold, these elements are usually built into furnishings, furniture, lamps, and the like.

The Modern Look

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
Two words to describe an ideal bathroom for 2015 are; sleek and sophisticated. Touch activated faucets make life in the bathroom less of a mess. Wood flooring and concrete countertops give the bathroom a professional touch that is sure to impress you and guests.

Beauty and the Bedroom

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
Your bedroom should be a direct reflection of who you are. Much like the living room the most common look for the bedroom is to have comfortable and spacious furniture. Treat yourself to a space that is completely yours. This year pick the design that most fits you, whether it’s flamboyant floral patterns or cool calming colors; be one hundred percent you.

The Kids Corner

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
One of the most important rooms in the house is the kids’ room. This is the room that will foster the imagination of your child. Give your child their own place by giving the room a personality. By putting patterns on their walls and painting their name on the furniture you’re creating an atmosphere for them to blossom.


Photo by Stephen Buchanan
A modern and simple theme is what’s washing up in the laundry room this year. Since the laundry room is a place of cleanliness, it should be organized and spacious. Having white cabinets and a personal drying rack are just some of the items that can make the area more user-friendly.

The Family Yard

Photo by Stephen Buchanan
This year the backyard is all about family. By adding outdoor pavilion, fire place area, kitchen, or even a pool big enough for the entire family, you are creating a more sentimental atmosphere. Transform your yard into a family living room sanctuary and spend some time outdoors with the whole crowd. You won’t regret it.

The Perfect Patio

Photo courtesy of Carol Snyder
The patio of today is being made elegantly with concrete slabs and walkways leading to various areas of the backyard. The patio has become a more social place so why not make it even better by adding chairs and a table with moderate lighting. Built-in fire pits are also popular additions to patios. Give your guests something to look at and give yourself something to be proud of.