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She Can Say So Much With an Eyebrow

Jul 27, 2015 03:13PM ● By Cate Reynolds
They frame, they emphasize, they frown, they shock. And they are a true, individual statement of your beauty.

Here are some great illustrations to give you just the right motivation to make your brow magnificent. But first, consider a few dos, don’ts, and did-you-knows:

  • Feel your brow bone? That’s where you brow should be, not above it—unless you want to look perpetually startled.
  • Keep tweezer use to a minimum—under the brow and between the brows is fertile tweezing turf, but do not overdo it on the actual brows. Natural is the word these days in the best brows.
  • Buy a super-soft toothbrush (kiddie-sized is ideal) to tame and direct the brow.
  • Once you have brushed the brows up just the way you want them, carefully fill in any gaps with a well sharpened pencil. Try tiny little swipes until you’ve achieved the desired, natural effect. Make sure the pencil is not too dark—going one shade lighter than your brows is always a safe bet.
  • You can also combine the brushwork with the color if you try one of the new fiber brow gels. They act like mascara for the brow. This look may be more dramatic than natural—your choice.