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Creekside, Newest Work Debuts by Artist, Nancy Hammond

Sep 15, 2015 10:49AM ● By Cate Reynolds

Nancy Hammond Editions, Creekside.

ANNAPOLIS, MD – With tall rosy legs of the artist’s iconic herons, and green stems reflected among the reeds, renowned Maryland artist, Nancy Hammond, surprises and intrigues admirers once again with the color play in her latest work, Creekside.

Emerging from a background of gray, a perfect reflective choice for overhanging trees and tall grasses that fringe the shore, Creekside is the perfect metaphor for nature’s “silver lining,” according to the artist. While creeks may be dull brown or gray, their beauty comes in the reflective nature of their waters, whose surface mirrors the engaging images directly surrounding it.

“We think of water as green or blue, but in reality, it has a gray or muddy-looking surface but, layered with reeds, branches and life reflected back out of the creek, it becomes beautiful itself,” says Hammond. “Like building flavors when cooking, this piece was layered with many triangles of silvery green and the lines of the reeds. That, along with the stalky nature of the heron’s legs, a pattern began to resonate – such great camouflage for the heron’s fishing expeditions!”

From dissecting nature and dividing up landscapes, Nancy Hammond creates a tribute to the magnificence of nature by deconstructing its complex simplicity – layer after layer. Creekside resonates with a fusion of lacy images, shore shapes and watery reflections.

Creekside is a limited edition of 350, signed and numbered on 100% archival paper, 48”w x 32”h/$950. Creek Side will be available through November 1, 2015 at an introductory price of $750. The price will increase to $950 after November 1st.

Nancy Hammond has produced many limited edition fine art prints. All her limited edition giclées and silkscreens are printed on 100% archival paper, and signed and numbered by the artist. In her home studio, many works progress simultaneously. Crayons, acrylic paint, glue and a myriad of colorful paper scraps that carpet the floor are evidence of her favorite working medium, cut paper.

Nancy Hammond majored in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has since been chosen to be exhibited in galleries including the Baltimore Museum of Art, and Maryland Institute of Art. Nancy Hammond Editions is located at 192 West Street in Annapolis, Maryland and online at