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The Perfect Complexion, Simplified: The Secret to Flawless, Glowing Skin

Oct 30, 2015 01:19PM ● By Becca Newell
The secret to flawless, glowing skin lies in two little words: contour makeup. A technique once reserved for Hollywood starlets has now trickled its way into mainstream beauty. While stunning, the red-carpet look is a little over-the-top for daily wear, so we stripped down the process to three easy steps. You’re welcome!

Step 1: A Clean Palette

Wash face with a cleanser to gently remove dull skin cells and follow with a moisturizer for fresh, hydrated skin. Add a light base with a liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer that is as close to your skin tone as possible. To find the perfect shade, match to the skin along the jawline. At this stage, don’t waste time caking on product or covering every imperfection.

Step 2: Define and Highlight

Take a liquid foundation or concealer that’s two shades darker than your skin tone and trace underneath cheekbones, around the top of the hairline, above eyebrows, and around the lips and nose. If you’re using a liquid foundation, stick to a concealer brush for application; sponges tend to soak up the product. Next, take a liquid foundation or concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone and highlight areas above cheekbones, under the eyes, around the jawline, and along the T-zone.

Step 3: Blending In

Using a concealer brush, begin blending foundation with upward strokes toward the hairline. To blend color into the neck, use downward brushstrokes along the jawline. Your fingers are also a viable blending tool, but stick to small, circular motions with your middle or ring fingers. Keep blending movements the same throughout the entire process to ensure radiant, even-toned coverage without harsh lines. Finish with a light layer of foundation—powder for a matte finish; liquid for more dewiness—applied with a buffing brush.

From Day to Night

Add a little eyeliner and mascara, some eyeshadow—we opted for a peach hue with pink highlighting on the brow—and a solid lip color, like this berry matte shade, and you’re ready to hit the town!

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