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The Best Beauty Trends from the Far East

Nov 18, 2015 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Jane Bornstein

We turn to Asia for off-the-cuff beauty trends and products. According to our research, Korea seems to be in the forefront when it comes to beauty trends and other countries like Japan and China tend to follow their lead once they hit the mainstream. Here are a few of our favorites from the Far East.

Sheet Masks

Originating in Korea and used by beauty lovers worldwide, the sheet mask is a super convenient, individually wrapped luxury facial. While they range in cost per brand and ingredients, most are very affordable. In 15 minutes you can have spa-quality results targeting skin issues like tone, hydration, firmness, and clarity. What makes these masks so unique is the serum soaked paper, which molds to the contours of your face locking in the treatment ensuring maximum effectiveness. $3 at 

Cushion Blushes

Cushion blushes are a new trend taking over the Asian beauty market. The extremely hydrating gel-like formula paired with the convenient cushion application makes for an easy and effortless blushing look. $16 at 

Straight Brows

While in the U.S., women tend to favor a bold, arched, often bushy brow, Koreans opt for a softer, straight brow. They believe that a straight, lighter brow gives a more youthful and innocent look to the face. You can easily achieve this look with a tinted brow gel, like this one by K-Beauty pioneer Chosungah. She makes products that women all over the world covet. She also encourages women to play with their makeup looks and even go outside their comfort zone in the way that Asian beauty revolutionaries do. $22 at Sephora

Cleansing Oils

Another Asian beauty secret is the double cleanse: properly removing makeup and residue before cleansing the skin. They believe this method provides the skin with the maximum benefit. Japanese skincare line, Shiseido, has come up with a gentle method to effectively remove makeup and any other impurities on the face. This lightweight cleansing oil gives the skin much needed hydration leaving you with a natural dewy finish. $32 at 

Blotting Papers

For centuries, gold craftsmen used handmade papers to protect the precious metals they hammered into whisper-thin leafing. The Geisha discovered the process and transformed the paper into incredibly soft, strong, and absorbent leaflets ideal for removing excess oil from their delicate skin. $12 at Sephora

Luminous Setting Sprays

Pretty much every cosmetic line now has different types of setting mists for different purposes, but little did we know that the trend originated in Asia along with tons of other beauty tips and tricks. Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Mist is formulated to set your makeup in place while also boosting the skin’s hydration. Word on the street is that this is Kim Kardashian’s go-to product to achieve her glowing skin. $48 at