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A What’s Up? Exclusive: Top Docs 2015-2016

Nov 20, 2015 03:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Our Biennial Peer Review Survey

We take the peer review process very seriously here at What’s Up? Media. Our Top Docs, Top Dentists, and Leading Lawyers surveys (produced every other year) require a surprising amount of time and energy to execute. The extent of this hands-on work might explain why so many publications (in our area and across the country) now subcontract their “Best of” issues for doctors, lawyers, and dentists. They let someone in another state entirely do “samplings” and “polling.” We, on the other hand, make the effort to contact each professional personally. And we’re proud of that fact.

The extent of the effort expended explains why we are so gratified by and grateful for the enthusiastic support and response from Chesapeake Region professionals. Our physicians, for instance, are very busy people. Yet many, many took the time to fill out a long survey form which listed more than 35 areas of specialty. Doctors didn’t have to fill in each category, of course, but a surprising number did. Some filled in particular specialties with which they deal most often. (No survey forms, by the way, were accepted which had only one specialty filled in.)

The Top Docs contained on these pages (listed in alphabetical order) represent the individuals who received the highest number of nominations from their peers. Please note that many fine physicians who are either new to the area or affiliated with other medical institutions may not be included. Additionally, this list represents only those “winners” who received the most substantial number of votes, not everyone who was nominated.

Once again, we would like to thank all the busy doctors who took the time to respond to this important survey. Knowing who medical professionals consider the best in their respective fields is an invaluable asset. Many of our well-informed readers will keep this issue year-round for ready reference. What’s Up? readers know the real thing when they see it.

Anne Arundel County Top Docs 2015-2016

Eastern Shore Top Docs 2015-2016

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