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Yasaman S. Roland, DDS, LVIF

Nov 20, 2015 03:56PM ● By Cate Reynolds
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Dr. Yasaman Roland’s special training and experience allows her to provide this unique treatment.

Most people notice their teeth discoloring with age. But you may overlook the amount of wear your teeth have sustained. As teeth are worn down, the result is not just an older-looking smile but a drastically changed and collapsed facial appearance. Your lips can become thin, compressed, and wrinkled. Skin begins to sag at the jaw line, forming jowls. A crease may develop between your chin and lower lip. The lower face can become collapsed. All of this will result in the appearance of advanced age.

Dr. Roland’s unique nonsurgical facelifts work by restoring your teeth to their natural and proper proportion, and by guiding the bony structures to remodel noninvasively. Facial features will become balanced, and muscles of the face will relax. Now you will have a natural balance between your face and your smile, and a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

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