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Makeup Tips & Tricks for your 30s, 40s, & 50s

Dec 30, 2015 10:36AM ● By Cate Reynolds

By the Numbers

By Becca Newell

Photography: Tony Lewis, Jr./Tony J Photography
Hair Stylist: Dede Crout, David Salon and Spa, Annapolis
Makeup Artist: Renee Kaplan, David Salon and Spa, Annapolis

We’re always searching for ways to turn back the clock a year or two—or 10—and thanks to a carefully selected color palette and a few application techniques, makeup can work wonders. Below, our favorite (key word: uncomplicated) tips to help you look your best despite the age bracket.

 Michelle Veilleux

  • Focus makeup on the eyes, less on the lips.
  • Use a primer under foundation (or at least along the T-zone) to smooth congested, bumpy, and uneven skin.
  • Pay attention to brow-shape. Keep them angular—no round lines, “Nike swooshes,” or comma dashes. Our best advice? Have them properly shaped by an aesthetician.
  • Use bronzer in the hollows of cheeks to brighten and contour face.
  • Give hair a little extra oomph with some curl. Run mousse through dry hair and, using a medium-barrel iron, begin to curl hair in two-inch sections roughly the same size as the barrel. Let hair cool and fluff with fingers.

Heather Hultzer

  • Stick to matte eyeshadow hues; stay away from anything overly sparkly or shimmery.
  • Use waterproof eyeliner that stays put and doesn’t bleed, and apply it with an angle brush for a softer look.
  • Brighten eyes with a little white eyeshadow applied to the inner corners.
  • Change up your lip color! Don’t be afraid to try something a little different every few months.
  • Add some soft curls for natural volume and texture. Run mousse through dry hair and add hot rollers to approximately four-inch sections throughout hair for 20 minutes. Release and fluff, adding a little light hairspray to hold.

Barb Veres

  • Make eyes appear larger with softer pencil colors along the lower lash line and, on upper lids, apply liner halfway (from the center to the outer corner) and then smudge.
  • Be sure to fill in brows with brow powder; it frames the face.
  • Prevent bleeding of lip color by blotting lips with concealer before applying any color. It also helps to outline lips with dry pencils, not cream liners.
  • Don’t use bronzer as blush. Instead, stick to shades with plum or coral hues.
  • For a mid-length cut that inspires some sass, apply mousse through dry hair before blow-drying the bottom layer into a flip at the ends. Blow-dry sides of hair around the face to help soften features. Add a side part for more lift and expression.