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Turnip: Taste where this underrated veggie really shines

Jan 13, 2016 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Key Ingredient: Turnip

No, no, no—don’t “turn up” your nose to this one. This usually white-fleshed wonder from the garden is part of a resurgence in the root vegetable scene. Its characteristic purple tinged top makes it easy to distinguish it from its yellow in color cousin, the rutabaga. Eaten raw these babies have a taste and texture similar to that of a radish, but if you roast them with garlic and spices, or cut and boil, then add to vegetable soup, you’ll taste where this underrated veggie really shines.

Prepare: Always wash, trim, and peel your turnip to have it recipe-ready

Nutritional Highlight: High in vitamin C

Recipe suggestion: Chicken and Apple Stew