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Every Move You Make Should You Be Using A Fitness Tracker?

Jan 13, 2016 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Lisa J. Gotto

It used to be that you could spot a hardcore fitness type by the little digitally enhanced gadget hooked to his/her belt loop. Obviously, this person was serious about staying in shape or was actively trying to get in shape. Pedometers were once pretty simple devices. They recorded how many steps you took in a day and how many calories you burned off.

With the help of nanotechnology, however, pedometers now have highly advanced electronic cousins called fitness or lifestyle trackers.

These devices are now so advanced in their look and functionality, that you may actually mistake one for a piece of jewelry or a trendy wristband of sorts. And, there are now so many of them in various price ranges and differing levels of utility, that we thought we’d provide a quick “run” down of what they can do and which one, based on your fitness personality profile, is right for you.

The Doctor Says I Need to Walk More:
Does this sound like you? You know you need to be doing more than you are, but you can think of other things you’d rather be doing.

Misfit Flash

More than likely if you get this advice from your physician, you will want to start out with a basic, reasonably priced model. It still has all the bells and whistles of more advanced trackers, like inactivity versus activity ratios, syncing capability, and available apps. More importantly, it will display at a glance what you really need to know: Did I make my steps per day goal?

Swarovski Shine

So the sporty look of a tracker just isn’t for you? Ladies, you won’t have to compromise your style one bit if you spring for this snappy tracker—it will record every dance move you make at your next community event. BONUS: You’ll also be doing the environment a favor. It is so technologically advanced, it gets its energy from existing light sources; no batteries or charging required. If you want this bauble, you’ll need to pre-order it. Visit,, for more info.

Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch

Bells, meet whistles. Not only does this model get points for its everyday wear-ability and at-a-glance readability, it does it all—as you do! It can track you as you walk, run, golf, swim and it also helps you keep up with social media, your appointments and pairs with your smartphone to alert you when important emails have arrived. And if you’ve run so far, you’re lost, the GPS will have you headed home in no time. Well worth the $250 price point for the truly active.

Fitbit Charge HR

Across the board this is reportedly the most widely used and most popular tracker on the market today. If you don’t care for the look of a small cell phone on your wrist but want that capability, then this may be the model for you. It offers heart rate, steps and distance tracking, sleep monitor, an alarm, call notification and caller ID, and wireless syncing. Choose from basic black or three brighter colors to help express your fun fitness personality.

Fitness Shapes Me, and Everything I Do:
You believe in personal bests, challenging yourself everyday, and if there is a tool to help you reach peak efficiency, you want it.

Fun & Scenic Local Walk Suggestions

Downtown Annapolis

From Church Circle, walk down Main Street making a slight right onto Compromise Street at the traffic circle. Continue along Compromise, eventually crossing the Eastport Bridge. A short walk down 6th Street to the corner of Chesapeake Avenue brings the route to just under a mile. And there’s plenty of opportunity for some retail therapy along the way, too, as well as some gorgeous water views!

Westfield Annapolis Mall

Sticking to the main walkway, the circuit throughout the mall measures three-quarters of a mile. Join the Mills Milers Walking Program, sponsored by the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center, for a group walk along the flat, climate-controlled course. Participation is free. To register, simply swing by Guest Services, located near Entry 4 between Neiman Marcus Last Call and Off 5th.

Sandy Point State Park

A mile or so in length, the self-guided Symbi trail is located by the first picnic area on the right after entering the park. With views of pine forests and neighboring marshes, the site is home to various wildlife, including whitetail deer, songbirds, turtles, and rabbits—all frequently spotted by passersby.

Quiet Waters Park

The Harness Creek Trail is one of three “foot-path only” courses in Quiet Waters Park. Starting at Blue Heron Center, the trail measures about 0.7 miles, and offers beautiful views of Harness Creek. Dogs on leash welcome.

—Becca Newell

In Shape, But Not Married to The Gym:
You are conscientious about staying active, watch what you eat, and take the “everything in moderation” approach to most things.

Mondaine Helvetica No. 1 Smart

If you wear a watch anyway and want to blend together that functionality with the high-end tech offerings of a tracker, shelling out the extra money for this Swiss beauty may make sense. The secret to its smart powers lay in its sub dial located at six o’clock on its face. This device is connected via a downloaded app and then shown in analogue fashion to the wearer. Did we say fashion? Yes, I believe we did.

Jawbone UP2

Wearers love this model for its simple and sleek design and its 4-core menu of functions: activity monitor, sleep tracking, calorie counting (with an easy barcode scanner) and there’s even a smart coach function to provide extra incentive and tips when necessary. With just under a $100 price point, this lightweight tracker is among the most popular on the market today.

Did You Know?


An individual is considered sedentary if they take less than 5,000 steps PER day


The health community recommends that an individual take at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health; this is equal to about five miles of walking.


Studies show that people are 30-40 % more active when they use activity trackers.

PRICE: You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to more than $600 and up for one of these devices. Do your homework and assess which accessory really fits your lifestyle. Many of the least expensive models perform all the functions that MOST people are looking for.

_________________________________________, estimated 19-million tracking/activity devices were in use in 2014, and that number is expected to grow in leaps and bounds over the next few years.