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3 Best Gets For Looking Rested & Refreshed

Jan 20, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

Our top 3 favorite products that will leave you looking and feeling rested and refreshed.

Aromatic Bedtime Treatment by Tata Harper

$60/.16 fluid ounces
A combination of calming oils, including Jojoba, Clary sage, and lavender, this aromatherapy treatment helps relax the mind for deeper sleep. Apply the roll-on formula—which is free from synthetics, artificial fragrances, and fillers—to pulse points on wrists, temples, and neck before bedtime.

Take It Away by Estee Lauder

$20/45 pack -
Begin the morning with a clean slate, literally or use these pre-moistened towelettes to remove makeup and freshen skin before bedtime. These fast, effective wipes boast advanced cleansing emulsions to soften skin and help keep it healthy.

Satin Pillow Case by Morning Glamour

$24.99/two-pack -
These non-absorbent satin pillowcases encourage smoother skin and healthier hair. While cotton pillows often draw moisture from the skin, satin helps skin retain moisture, leading to less wrinkles and blocked pores.

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