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Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC

May 16, 2016 12:24PM ● By Cate Reynolds
*Special Advertising Section*
Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC was founded in Annapolis, and our success has led us to open in Columbia as well. We are home to top-rated attorneys who handle the needs of clients seeking business advice, assistance with transactions, including real estate, corporate, finance, Federal program finance, and help resolving business disputes. We are recognized for our expert and efficient representation of thriving businesses, and we are lauded as preeminent in the fields of business and personal bankruptcy, business reorganizations and liquidations, and insolvency related litigation.

For more information about us, see our website at  Then, contact Larry Yumkas, Jim Vidmar, Paul Sweeney, T.J. Mulrenin, Jamie Schraf, Amy Snyder, Lisa Stevens, John Schropp, Corinne Donohue, or Andrew Gerlowski to see how we can help you achieve your business goals or resolve your business disputes.

Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC
Your Central Maryland Law Firm.

10211 Wincopin Circle, Suite 500
Columbia | 410-571-2780

1919 West Street, Suite 200
Annapolis | 410-571-2780