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Philip Cronan

May 16, 2016 04:52PM ● By Cate Reynolds
*Special Advertising Section*
Philip Cronan is a partner at Hollis, Cronan & Fronk, P.A. Please email Mr. Cronan at or visit

Philosophy. Undoubtedly, attorneys must have the legal skill to advance their clients’ needs. However, Mr. Cronan believes there is more to great representation. “Clients should expect excellent client service and having a relationship with their attorney built on communication and trust.” Mr. Cronan’s success is founded upon the strength of his relationships with his clients. “My clients trust that I’m able to represent them, that I want to represent them, and that I will work for them. I trust that they are honest and committed to their own success.”

Distinguishing Services. Mr. Cronan has instilled a level of financial trust with his clients by offering unlimited service for a pre-determined fee. He changed his fee structure after comparing hourly fees to fee structures in other professions. “Surgeons don’t charge more if there’s a complication and surgery takes longer than expected. Patients rely on the surgeon’s expertise and ability to provide a certain result. It’s the same with the law. Clients should pay for my knowledge and ability to provide results. Paying for my time, especially time not directly advancing my clients’ objectives, is not money well spent. Personally, I would not want to pay $300 an hour while my attorney waits in the hall for my case to be called.” Pre-determined fees requires Mr. Cronan to work as efficiently as possible. He contends that hourly billing does not promote efficiency because delay and extra-steps are rewarded by more billable hours. “My clients are rewarded by efficiency and a commitment to working proactively rather than reactively. Clients do not pay more because something took longer or required more work than it should have.” The cost is pre-determined and will not increase without the client’s approval. Unlike hourly billing, Mr. Cronan’s clients have the ability to prepare their finances, budget their cases, and have the certainty of knowing the total cost before making decisions about how to proceed. 

What to Expect. Mr. Cronan and his clients begin by outlining the process from beginning to end, identifying the issues of the case, and establishing the client’s mission. They work together to define “success” and initiate a plan to accomplish the client’s objectives. Clients actively participate in their cases and are armed with the information necessary to make decisions to advance their goals.

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