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Surprise! Fun-in-the-Sun Calorie Burns

Jun 01, 2016 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Becca Newell

Take a break from the chaise lounge to partake in just 30 minutes of the following activities and you’ll be shedding calories before you can say, “beach body.” Trust us, it’ll ease the guilt of that second margarita!


160 calories
Take a leisurely stroll while combing the sand for sea glass, unique shells, and other washed-up treasures. Walking along the beach uses about twice as much energy as walking across a hard surface because the sand offers resistance, providing strength training to your feet and leg muscles. You can even work squats into the mix when retrieving any finds for a bonus workout (180 calories at minimal effort).

Bocce Ball

120 calories
Lawn games are a great way to get up and moving, particularly if kids are involved. If the weather’s a little too hot and humid for a quick game in the yard, hit up the indoor bowling lanes for some air-conditioned fun (135 calories)!

Childhood Games

180-395 calories
It’s time to reconsider those recess favorites: hula hooping and jumping rope. The former not only burns calories (approximately 180), but advocates claim spinning the hoop around your waist and hips strengthens core muscles (via a weighted hoop), while jumping rope (395 calories) is such a beloved fat buster, it’s a staple in many fitness boot camps.

Berry Picking

125 calories
Check out a local pick-your-own farm for added summer sweetness. Just be careful to not eat the entire bounty! Share the wealth at the next neighborhood cookout or freeze the remainder for future snacking.

Pool time

90-125 calories
This time of year, lounging poolside is a given, but instead of taking a quick dip every hour or so to cool down, add in a little refreshing exercise routine. If a few laps don’t sound appealing, opt for treading water (125 calories at moderate effort) or walking the width of the pool (90 calories at light effort).


55-180 calories
Maintain the perfect summer lawn while getting in a nice workout, too. While a standard power mower is obviously best (180 calories at moderate effort), a ride-on mower burns some calories, too (about 90). And if you’ve yet to create a veggie patch, get to it! Not only is it a great way to stockpile grillables for backyard barbecues, but the effort in planting (155 calories) and daily watering of crops (55 calories) offers a summer-long exercise regimen.

On the Water

110-215 calories
There’s nothing better than spending a day at sea, especially when even the most effortless sail can help keep you fit. From sailing (110 calories) to kayaking (125 calories) to paddle boarding (215 calories), activities of the aquatic variety are sure to tone muscles and sculpt the arms and core, too.

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