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Chic Meets Geek: Fashion’s Best Tech Accessories

Aug 10, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

By now, the Apple Watch and Fitbit are household names, at least in the sartorial sense! But there are plenty of fashionable and functional introductions—and a few standards (by the tech industry timeline, anyway)—that are certainly worthy of praise. Meet our chic-meets-geek faves.

Bellabeat’s Leaf Necklace in Silver

This darling pendant, which can also be worn as a bracelet or clipped to clothing, is the “techsessory” for women. A fitness, sleep, and reproductive health monitor, the Leaf and its eponymous app motivate women to move more, breathe better, sleep well, and even understand their menstrual cycle. In lieu of lights, screens, and buttons, the Leaf simply vibrates for soothing alerts. It’s wearable tech at its best—a wellness tracker disguised as sweetly simple jewelry.

HButler’s Mighty Purse in Black

$114.99, The Cottage, Severna Park
Never fear, the Mighty Purse is here—allowing for continuous Snapchat updates, last-minute table reservations, and end-of-night Uber pickups. Thanks to this chic, cell-charging clutch, a dead battery on a night out is no longer an issue. Simply plug in your phone to the concealed charger and dial away! Our prayers for longer battery life may not have been answered, but the Mighty Purse is a welcome solution.

Fun fact: The customer service department and warehouse for this company, formed in 2008 in Australia, is based in Maryland!

Withings’ Activité Steel Watch in White

A fitness and sleep tracker that’s as smart as it is stylish, the Activité Steel boasts a sleek, analog interface without any buttons—it syncs wirelessly to your phone—and it doesn’t require charging. Better yet, you can keep your phone away, thanks to the sub-dial that reports up-to-the-minute progress. And with a soft, silicone strap that’s water-resistant, you can swim, run, or sweat any number of ways into better shape—and sleep.

Ringly’s Ring in Dive Bar

Welcome to a world with less screen time and more face time—literally! Bid adieu to those date nights, parties, and other social functions spent staring at your cell phone and stack on a Ringly. This gorgeous statement ring notifies its wearer of any incoming calls, texts, emails, and more with a simple vibration and subtle light. Alert buzzes and flashes are customizable and can be designated for as much—or as little—interruption as desired.