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6 Fun Twists on the Traditional Yoga Class

Sep 07, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

By now, you’re either a self-proclaimed yogi—at the very least in a casual sense—or you didn’t quite fall for the centuries-old practice, and you’re a little tired of seeing #yogaeverydamnday. If you happen to find yourself in the latter category, it’s time to think twice before rolling your eyes at the next Bikram invite or headstand-on-a-beach Facebook profile pic. Even for the die-hards and fanatics, there’s an ever-increasing world of yoga to be discovered. These new forms certainly aren’t yoga in the traditional sense, but instructors and students alike maintain these classes will bring enlightenment, flexibility, relaxation, and reflection. Namaste.

1. Voga.

Head back to the ‘80s with this newly formed practice that takes its influence from the Madonna hit, adding a little cardio to the authentic form. Created in England and recently found stateside, it’s “yoga with sass,” meaning more expression and energy with those classic Vogue poses. Voga is said to increase flexibility, enhance energy flow, and boost confidence. Leg warmers optional!

2. Buti Yoga.

A high-intensity, yoga-based workout, fusing cardio, tribal dance, classic yoga poses, and core training to tone and sculpt the body while inspiring confidence. Some studios kick it up an extra notch by hosting Buti classes under black lights with students wearing glow-in-the-dark body paint.

3. Dog Yoga.

Bring your beloved four-legged friend for a gentle practice that incorporates Fido into traditional poses. In Doga, students massage their dog while the two perform light stretches together, helping to create a stronger bond between man and his best friend, and leaving both relaxed and stress-free.


4. Aerial Yoga.

A combination of traditional poses with acrobatic maneuvers, most of which take place in the air, courtesy of a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. According to instructors, the hammock allows students to execute classic inversions, like handstands and forearm-stands, without placing as much pressure on the head or spine. It’s said to be especially beneficial to beginners since the hammock, along with gravity, help to achieve poses with less effort.

5. Beer Yoga.

A one-hour yoga class—in the more traditional sense—with the incentive of a cold and complimentary brewski post-poses! Many times, these events are held at a local brewery, encouraging students to stay after their free pint for additional drink specials.

6. Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga.

Exactly as it sounds, SUP Yoga is execution of traditional yoga poses performed on a stand-up paddle board. It’s a challenging and calming workout that is said to enhance core engagement since the body’s midsection helps with balance. Sunrise and sunset classes offer an even more tranquil and picturesque environment.

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