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A Device for a Better Life? An FYI on MyDX

Sep 07, 2016 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Chelsea Hanson

Do you ever wonder what chemicals are lurking in your latte or that tasty looking food truck burrito? If you’re one of the curious, a company called MyDX (My Diagnostic) has created the first handheld, battery operated, chemical analyzer for everyday consumer use. What’s even better? Their system uses a smartphone app called CannaDX to display results, making the experience more personal and user-friendly.

CEO, Chairman, and Founder of MyDX, Daniel Yazbeck, launched a campaign on Indiegogo more than two years ago in order to determine if the product was desirable and to attract collaborators. It succeeded in doing both. In addition, the company raised more than double its fundraising goal. Why was the campaign so successful? The original objective for developing the detection tool in the first place may have something to do with that. The company that is promoting it as, “A device for a better life,” initially sought to inform cannabis users as to the quality of the product they were purchasing.

The MyDX Analyzer and CannaDX Sensor Kit, which sells for around $700, will tell you everything you need to know about your cannabis, down to a prediction of “a feeling based on a specific strain.” MyDX Analyzer detects the chemicals present and the app explains what the information means. For around $900, MyDX offers a “Grower’s Package,” which includes unlimited support and new device replacement for two years. The company stresses that the CannaDX app is free and warns users that the “cannabis portion” of the app is meant for legal medicinal cannabis patients only.

While this is certainly good news for cannabis consumers, the better news is the design and functionality of the device can be applied to other consumables like food and beverages, and even the air we breathe. As we speak, the app is being tweaked so it will soon let users test chemicals in their food (Organa), drink (Aqua), and air quality (Aero).

With a mission to “Empower you to live a healthier life by determining the purity of what you eat, drink, and inhale in the palm of your hands and in real time,” MyDX is the first portable, easy, and affordable device of its kind available for consumer use.

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