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Get The Look: Fit To Be Tied And Trendy!

Sep 28, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

The ‘90s have returned, sartorially speaking, and with it comes one of its biggest accessories: the choker. But if you’re not quite ready to revisit one of the decade’s most beloved trends, consider the skinny scarf. It’s simple, yet versatile. Go ahead and tie one on for size!

1. Tie Dye Scarf

$36, South Moon Under, Annapolis

Four of our favorite ways to style this seasonal must-have:

  1. The Wrap and Tie - Wrap scarf around neck and twist loosely into low knot
  2. The Bow - Wrap scarf around neck once, fully, and tie ends into a pretty bow
  3. The Single Loop - Place scarf around neck and tie ends into a tight, single knot for a tie-like effect
  4. The Choker - Tie scarf in the back to replicate a choker

2. Two-Pocket Denim Shirt

$46, Boutique at Body Wellness in Edgewater

Equally casual and chic, this chambray top makes for a sleek pairing with black leggings.

3. Nail Lacquer in Greystone Grey & in Hollywood Blvd.

Grey: $18,

Hollywood Blvd: $19,

Layer this glitzy polish over the silver-slate hue for some serious sparkle—or opt for a more understated look with a single statement nail decorated with the glittery stuff!

4. Paul & Joe Lipstick in Catamaran with Lipstick Case 001

$20; $7 (case),

The two-in-one lip primer and color creates a perfect-for-fall dewy tint that lasts all day long.

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