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Tastes Like Chicken: And Other News in Nails

Oct 05, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newel

KFC Hong Kong gave a whole new meaning to “finger-lickin’ good” when it announced in May the release of two edible nail polishes. If our title didn’t give it away already, you’ve probably guessed that the flavors are reminiscent of the chain’s famous fried offerings, inspired by its favorite recipes: Original and Hot & Spicy.

Unfortunately—for some, at least—the lacquers aren’t set for worldwide release. Yet that doesn’t mean there aren’t quite a few stateside nail trends (albeit chicken-free!) to consider.

1: Spray On

For those of us still struggling to apply polish “within the lines” so to speak, this latest application advancement might be a beauty blessing. Lacquer delivered in spray-can form boasts easy, even coats with a short dry time to boot. All that’s needed after a single spray is a clear top coat followed by a little soap and water to remove excess polish from fingertips. A last-minute mani never seemed so possible!

We love: Milk’s Spray Nail



2: Round Off

Despite the square nail’s longstanding popularity, the last few years have seen those edges begin to soften. The oval nail, or at least a more spherical-square (termed the ‘squoval’), has become mainstream. Celebrities and style icons have been known take it one step further, opting for a dramatic almond—sometimes even a dagger-esque, also known as the pointed stiletto—shape.

3: The French, Reimagined

The ever-classic French manicure has been around for centuries, becoming notoriously popular in the ‘90s and early aughts, paired with a square nail. While its story of origin remains debatable, its adoration isn’t—and its resurgence begs for creativity. From color-blocking hues and metallic tips to negative space and outlined cuticles, anything goes with this play on the Parisian favorite.

4: Art and Appliqués

It’s hard to find a manicure today without an accent nail—customarily spotted as a complimentary color on the ring finger. Similar to the ‘Reimagined Frenchie,’ the accent nail is seeing an upgrade with glitter, foil tape, stickers, sequins, and more added to create a three-dimensional, textured nail. For the more intricate designs, a steady, artistic hand is warranted; however, appliqués and wraps are a foolproof solution for those lacking that ability.

We love: KISS’ Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit



Take our quick quiz! If you could order up some edible nails, what flavor would you want? Add your answer below.

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