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Going Mobile: The Latest in Fitness App Ops to Help You Reach Your Goals

Oct 19, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

With the line between technology and fitness becoming ever more blurred, there’s no time better than the present to begin exploring fitness on your phone. We’re talking apps, classes, trackers, and everything else to help you reach your health and wellness goals. It’s certainly not a substitute for the gym, but on those in-between or too busy days, it’s the perfect alternative.



Free, Available for iOS and Android
Never skip a “gym day” again! With even five minutes to spare, Sworkit has a customizable video workout on hand. A built-in library of more than 200 exercises target almost every area of the body—from arms and legs to core and back—via training in cardio, strength, stretching, and other. Upgrade to a Premium subscription for $4.99 a month ($39.99/yearly) and receive ad-free workouts, low impact exercises, pre-built workouts, and more. Syncs with other fitness apps, including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings.


Free, Available for iOS
Train like a professional athlete with a professional athlete—without shelling out the big bucks or traveling to the big city! From cardio to weightlifting, Proday’s celebrity workout videos will get you in shape in no time. Football players, gymnasts, triathletes, and wrestling stars offer dieting hints, bulking-up tips, and flexibility pointers to help you reach any and every fitness goal. Limited workouts are free; monthly ($8.99) or yearly ($79.99) subscriptions available for full access.


Stop, Breathe & Think

Free, Available for iOS and Android
A meditation app combining breathing guides and compassion-building tips that prove mindfulness is just as important as exercise. Develop skills to help manage stress, eliminate anxiety, and recognize emotions within yourself and others. Select from a variety of meditation practices based on emotions or time-length. Easily track your progress and purchase additional programs, like healing sadness, for a small fee.

Daily Yoga

Free, Available for iOS and Android
For the beginner yogi to the advanced, Daily Yoga offers classes and asanas from eight experts, along with soothing music, guided meditation, and a social community to share ideas and connect with friends. Beautiful HD videos offer easy-to-follow exercises that can be tailored to fit your schedule—from five to 45 minutes. Programs include weight loss, flexibility, standing, seated, and lying poses, full body and targeted areas, and more. New content added each month. Subscriptions are available on a monthly ($5.99) and yearly ($29.99) basis.


Lose It!

Free, Available for iOS and Android
Track food intake and exercise, plan meals, create (and achieve!) goals—think weight loss, hydration, and sleep—and stay motivated, all with the Lose It! app. Quickly log meals with the comprehensive food database and if you can’t find what you’re consuming, simply scan the product’s barcode to upload its nutritional information in seconds. Connects to a multitude of other apps and social media accounts so you can share your success, seek inspiration, and establish friendly challenges to further motivate you on your fitness journey.


Free, Available for iOS and Android
A diet app with a food database of more than five million items and an efficient exercise log to boot, MyFitnessPal makes losing weight easy. An added bonus for at-home chefs is the recipe importer, which allows users to import recipes found online into the app with a single tap. More than just a calorie counter, the app tracks major nutrients—including fat, protein, carbs, and sugar, so you can visualize your daily intake—and steps (iPhone 5S and higher), so an additional tracker isn’t required! Seamlessly integrates with other apps and social media. Premium upgrade available for $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

FIT Radio Workout Music

Free (requires FIT Radio subscription, starting at $3.99/month), Available for iOS and Android
For many, music is a key motivator when it comes to exercise. But finding the perfect playlist during a run can be time-consuming and often frustrating. Our solution? This app.

DJ-curated playlists to keep you motivated throughout your workout, the FIT Radio app offers more than 45 genres and stations of music, from indie to ‘Top 40.’ Mixes are arranged by genre, beats per minute, and workout specific to ensure you don’t miss a beat (pun intended!) at your next spin session or yoga retreat. Better still, the new Pace Matching feature enables runners to sync the music with their footfalls!