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Beautiful You 2017: Anti-Aging Trends for the Year Ahead

Dec 28, 2016 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

Want to know what’s trending in the world of anti-aging? Look no further! Our experts throughout Anne Arundel County and beyond gave us insight into the latest treatments and procedures that’ll have you looking your finest in no time.

Hot Hybrid

“HALO by Sciton is the first hybrid laser treatment that helps target discoloration and reduce pore size, fine lines, and wrinkles, while improving skin texture and quality. Dual wavelengths are used to deliver results that are expected from an ablative laser treatment, but with the downtime of a non-ablative laser. Results can be seen within a week after treatment and continue to improve for months. Our HALO patients experience less pain and are able to return to normal activities after 24 hours.”

Dr. Haven Barlow | Chesapeake Plastic Surgery in Annapolis

The Eyes Have It

“The latest trend we can’t get enough of is microblading—a new tattoo technique that fills brows and can reshape them by drawing on tiny strokes that look like individual hairs. It is done with a hand-held tool that puts pigment into the skin. It’s semi-permanent, lasting between one and three years with touch-ups as needed. Eyebrows are elemental to framing and shaping the face and your features. When it comes to symmetry, small adjustments can make a huge difference and bring a youthful look to the face. Brow trends evolve, but regardless, thicker and fuller brows have proven to promote a more natural and youthful look.”

PSS MediSpa | Annapolis, Severna Park, and Easton

Targeting Double Trouble

“Kybella is the biggest thing to hit the beauty world since Botox. Kybella is an injectable that helps you permanently get rid of neck fat, or what some might call a double chin. We inject Kybella into the fat beneath the chin, where it breaks up and destroys fat cells. Once the cells are destroyed, they’re gone and cannot store fat again. Right now, Kybella is FDA-approved for use on the neck, but the makers are also testing it for FDA-approved uses on other areas of the body, like what’s known as back fat or bra overhang.”

Dr. Tripp Holton | Plastic Surgeon at Anne Arundel Medical Group Plastic Surgery in Annapolis and Director of Microvascular Surgery at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis

The Tech Edge

“Ultrasonic therapy and micro-current technology are non-invasive answers to anti-aging concerns, including diminishing wrinkles and plumping skin. The first is used for deep cleansing and product penetration. Ultrasonic vibrations—called “cavitation”—spin water molecules causing bubbles to form and implode, deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Sound waves—called “sonophoresis”—push nutrients deeper into newly exfoliated skin creating a plumping and firming effect. Ultrasonic facial devices use sophisticated soundwave technology to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling, and improving skin care product penetration—all great results for aging skin! Micro-current technology stimulates the fibroblasts in the cells to produce collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid for skin rejuvenation, while helping stimulate the ATP of the cell, which transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism.”

Owner/Esthetician Noreen Woods | Noreen’s Boutique Spa in Annapolis

The Three P’s

“Trends in anti-aging will emphasize protection, prevention, and promotion. The early use of sunblock and smart sun protection results in less weathering of one’s skin and lessens the risk of skin cancer. Prevention involves delaying the loss of elastin and collagen, which causes skin to have a dull, rough, and wrinkled texture. The rapid growth of plant-based skin serums, found in brands like ISClinical, allow absorption of vitamins A and C and antioxidants, so the skin remains hydrated while maintaining collagen and elastin production. Promotion of collagen and elastin with the reduction of brown sun spots can all be relieved at earlier ages by undergoing newly available, no-down-time lasers. The Focus Array laser utilizes a 755-nanometre pico laser with a special lens that allows the skin to be treated with super high power in an extremely short time period. The result is collagen stimulation and a breakdown of sunspots. These laser treatments can be used at a much earlier point in one’s timeline of aging to promote collagen in a rejuvenating, revitalizing procedure. Traditional lasers like Fraxel, Lumenis Active, and Total FX CO2 are more restorative in rehabilitating sun damaged and aged skin, yet they require more recovery time and a greater expense for treatments.”

Dr. Lee Kleiman | Severn River Plastic and Laser Surgery in Annapolis and Severna Park

Customized Care

“A growing trend will be to approach and address individual skin concerns with multiple anti-aging treatments for a more comprehensive and tailored approach that addresses multiple concerns specific to the patient’s individual needs and lifestyle. Similarly, more targeted treatments are becoming available that treat the source problem rather than the symptom. One example is micro-needling treatments that use controlled injury to trick the body into producing its own collagen rather than simply relying on wrinkle relaxers alone.”

Owner Laura Hardnett | Effective Medspa & Wellness Center in Gambrills

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