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Beauty Award Winner: An Eye on the Made-for-Me Trend

Jan 04, 2017 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Caley Breese

It seems like more and more products and services these days are becoming customizable. From off the menu, made-to-order meals at restaurants, to customized and delivered-to-your-door fashion in a box, it’s easy to assess customization as a growing trend. Further providing evidence of this fact, is 2016’s product of the year winner as voted by the readers of Happi magazine, the AgeLOC Me by NuSkin.

The AgeLOC Me is a skin care program tailored to address an individual’s exact type of skin, their specific skin concerns, and their preferences by first providing a data mining application and then developing formulations for the specific user based on the information gathered. After this skin assessment is completed, a personalized skin care code is used to order specific products.

The formulations are then delivered and placed into the Nu-Skin’s AgeLOC device. The high-tech AgeLOC Me comes with five product cartridges that each dispense something different: one, a day moisturizer, another, a night moisturizer, along with three different serum formulations—all tailored to that individual’s skin care needs.

Once the cartridges are inserted into the AgeLOC Me device, the user can toggle through the five different products loaded on the device screen, and voilà, a new, unique skin care treatment is born! With more than 2,000 one-of-a-kind product combinations, this new trend is ready to deliver possibly the best “it’s all about me” skin care results!

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